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Helping You Limit Your New Jersey Estate Tax Obligations

Prior to 2017, New Jersey levied estate tax on estates valued in excess of $675,000. For 2017, estates over $2 million owe estate tax. For deaths in or after 2018, there will be no estate tax in New Jersey, but Inheritance tax will remain.

Although planning will shift focus to other types of tax and long-term care issues, it is possible that New Jersey will reenact the estate tax laws, so this should still be a consideration in estate planning.

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Handling A Range Of Tax Law Issues

At Rice & Quattrone, PC, our attorneys will help you understand and navigate tax planning and estate planning issues, including the gift tax and inheritance tax.

We recognize that each tax plan is unique – we draft our own documents to ensure that every last detail is geared toward your specific needs. Using our 30-plus years of experience with estate tax planning, we will walk you through each step of this complex area of estate law. Our goal is to make sure that you pay as few state taxes as possible on your inheritance under New Jersey law.

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