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Is a member of your family unable to manage their affairs?
Have you been told you need to become their guardian?
When do you take control from an adult?

For much of your life you counted on your parents to lead, making it painfully difficult to see their mental or physical deterioration. It is even worse if a stroke or dementia causes your parent’s condition to deteriorate to the point that he or she cannot safely make even the most basic financial or legal decisions.

Parents who have lovingly cared for a child with special needs find that when he or she turns 18 and is automatically presumed legally competent, they are no longer able to provide parental guidance.

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We know that the decision to request the court appoint a guardian for your aging parent or another loved one is difficult. Our attorneys are sensitive to the issues involved. Contact us to speak with a guardianship lawyer about your concerns.

In many situations, our attorney, working with your family, will be able to resolve the situation with an economical, dignified alternative — a general durable power of attorney granting a representative the authority to make decisions on behalf of the vulnerable person. The durable power of attorney does not require a doctor’s statement of incapacity or a court appearance and takes effect immediately. However, this solution is only available if the person granting the power of attorney to a representative is willing and competent.

If it is necessary to apply to the court to appoint a Guardian for an adult, you need an experienced legal guardianship lawyer who will handle the issue with sensitivity, minimizing the strain on family relations. For over 25 years our New Jersey elder law firm, the Rice & Quattrone, PC, has been helping families protect their loved ones through guardianships and conservatorships. Our attorneys focus entirely on elder law and planning for special needs care.

Sometimes our older relatives begin making bad decisions because of the influence of someone who wishes to exploit their fragile condition. If this happened in your family, you may have to contest the executed will or the estate. Our probate lawyers will provide aggressive representation to ensure the true intentions of your loved one are carried out.