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New Jersey Contested Guardianship Lawyers

A guardianship can be established by a court to protect the personal and financial interests of a vulnerable individual who has not previously signed a durable power of attorney. In many cases, a family member or other individual is appointed a guardian for a family member who may no longer be capable of managing his or her affairs with regard to daily life, health and finances.

Sometimes guardianship disputes require the assistance of an attorney. Many of these disputes occur when family members disagree regarding who should be appointed guardian, how that guardian should act or whether the guardianship is necessary.

Providing Assistance With Difficult Guardianship Matters

At the Rice & Quattrone, PC, we help our clients navigate difficult guardianship matters, including contested guardianships. We advise and represent individuals and families who disagree about important financial and personal issues. Having handled hundreds of contested estate matters since 1986, we have the experience to help you deal with:

  • A parent with dementia or Alzheimer’s who needs assistance
  • A dispute between siblings
  • A guardianship of which you are the subject
  • Less restrictive alternatives to guardianship (i.e. limited guardianship, conservatorship, trusts, etc.)
  • Guardianship litigation in probate court
  • Negotiation or mediation regarding a family matter

Every situation is different. Seek proper legal advice if you have questions about guardianships. Contact our Ocean City location to discuss your situation.

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Lawyers with our firm are admitted to practice in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We serve residents of those states, as well as out-of-state executors and beneficiaries of wills and estates in New Jersey and Pennsylvania probate courts.

Contact the Rice & Quattrone, PC to discuss your needs with an experienced New Jersey attorney for contested guardianships.