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A New Use For Living Wills In New Jersey

Most people think of living wills as tools to indicate what kinds of medical interventions they would want (and don’t want) in the event of incapacity. Life support, for example, is commonly addressed in living wills.

While this thinking reflects the most common use of living wills since the mid-1970s, when they became popular, there are other important uses that families need to know about. In the age of HIPAA — the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act — privacy is one of them.

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At the Rice & Quattrone, PC, we have been helping clients with important estate planning issues since 1986. Our attorneys can help make sure your living will is comprehensive and free of holes. We can help make sure your living will:

  • Gives your children and/or other loved ones access to your protected health information
  • Functions as an HIPAA release — a blanket release, if you wish — that will allow your doctors to talk to anyone you designate
  • Addresses all relevant medical issues
  • Addresses issues that are unique to same-sex couples, if applicable

Everyone’s situation is different. Make sure you have an estate plan that meets your needs and your family’s needs.

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Attorneys with the Rice & Quattrone, PC are admitted to practice in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We serve residents of those states in estate planning matters and as the local representative for out-of-state executors and beneficiaries of wills and estates in New Jersey and Pennsylvania probate courts.

Do you have questions about new uses for living wills in New Jersey? Do you need advice regarding powers of attorney, trusts or other estate planning topics? Contact us to discuss your needs with a seasoned estate planning lawyer.