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Helping Beneficiaries Assert Their Rights

A beneficiary of a will or trust has certain legal rights, including the right to receive what is provided by the will or trust. In some cases, executors and trustees do not comply with those provisions, either by omission or commission. These cases may call for the intervention of an experienced attorney.

If you believe that your rights as a beneficiary were violated or you are unclear about what your rights are, we can assist you. At our firm, we have been handling sensitive estate matters since 1991. We proudly serve clients throughout New Jersey and across the greater Philadelphia metro area.

Using Decades Of Experience To Provide Sound Counsel

At Rice & Quattrone, PC, we advise and represent individuals and families in a variety of probate and estate administration matters. We can help you protect your rights as a beneficiary in numerous ways, including:

  • Compelling compliance with will provisions
  • Litigating contested estate matters
  • Finding alternatives to litigation in resolving estate disputes

Under New Jersey law, a beneficiary can go to probate court to compel an executor to file an accounting of an estate if that accounting was not provided within a year.

Concerned About Your Inheritance? Contact Us.

Our lawyers at Rice & Quattrone, PC, are admitted to practice in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We advise and represent residents of those states regarding a variety of estate planning and estate administration matters, including serving as the local representatives for out-of-state executors and beneficiaries of wills and estates in New Jersey and Pennsylvania probate courts.

Do you have questions about beneficiary rights? Contact us online to get answers from an experienced beneficiary rights attorney. You can also reach us in Cherry Hill at 856-673-0048 or Linwood at 609-398-3447.