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Clarifying Medicaid Laws And The Applications Process

Our elder law attorneys carefully monitor changes in Medicaid law.

Medicaid laws are nearly as complex as tax laws and are constantly undergoing change as Congress and the state legislatures revisit them. In many cases, individuals and married couples have unnecessarily reduced themselves to a state of impoverishment, believing it was necessary to spend all of their assets before becoming eligible for health care assistance.

At Rice & Quattrone, PC, our attorneys have been focused on serving seniors and those with disabilities since Nancy M. Rice began her law career in 1986. We invite you to contact our Cherry Hill or Linwood office to make arrangements to meet with a Medicaid planning lawyer.

Creating A Plan That Addresses Your Situation

Each client’s situation is unique. Our lawyers know Medicaid and tax law and will craft a plan that allows you or other members of your family to maintain the highest degree of financial independence possible.

Medicare does not pay for any “custodial care” at home or in an assisted living facility. If, due to illness or injury, a Medicare recipient requires skilled nursing care, benefits often do not last long enough to allow the patient to fully recover. The family then finds it quickly needs to spend down assets to the threshold necessary for Medicaid eligibility.

What You Can Expect

When our attorneys meet with you, we will evaluate all factors. After considering what you have given away, what you have saved and how your assets are held, we will advise on what to do and how to best preserve your assets while becoming eligible for Medicaid as soon as possible, whether that involves the creation of a Medicaid trust, planned gifts, annuity planning or other strategies as allowed by the Medicaid laws.

We recognize that federal and state laws regarding medical assistance have created a confusing web of administrative procedures and policies. We are eager to educate our clients by advising those eligible for Medicaid on related health care issues, including prescription drug benefits.

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