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Linwood Will Contest Lawyer

Under New Jersey probate law, the executor of an estate holds great power and responsibility. Unfortunately in some cases that power is abused.

In New Jersey, following the probate of a will, which is often not a formal procedure, the person appointed executor of the estate has a tremendous amount of power. In some cases, the executor may abuse his or her power by hiding assets or acting against the interests of the intended beneficiaries. In other situations, the decedent may have left confusing instructions, multiple wills, or failed to list the proper parties as beneficiaries of insurance policies or pension plans.

If you are involved in a will contest, an attorney from our New Jersey probate law firm will be happy to discuss your situation. Contact our Cherry Hill or Linwood law office to make arrangements for a consultation. Our trial lawyers are skilled at negotiating, settling, and litigating will contests and estate disputes.

Do not wait if you feel something is wrong with a will or estate administration.

In New Jersey, a resident who has received notice of probate of a will has only four months to contest the filing of a will; nonresidents have only six months. Thus, it is critical to contact us immediately if you or a family member thinks there may be any basis to challenge the probate of a will or the administration of an estate.

If you live outside of the area, our lawyers are prepared to serve as local counsel in New Jersey and Pennsylvania probate courts, representing your interests in contested wills and estate disputes.

Our older relatives may have been influenced by someone who wishes to exploit their fragile condition. Our attorneys know how to draft good wills, and know how to effectively stop a will from going through probate if it was signed under undue influence.

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