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New Jersey Family Dispute Resolution Lawyer

Estate litigation can be painful and exhausting, particularly when it stems from a family dispute. Lawsuits can be long, expensive affairs that further damage relationships and benefit lawyers more than they help those seeking resolution of estate problems. In many cases, more amicable, less costly alternatives to litigation can be used to solve problems related to the administration of estates.

If you need assistance navigating a contested estate matter, but you want to avoid courtroom drama, our firm can help. Our attorneys will help you consider multiple options for settling your dispute, which may include negotiation, mediation or other modalities.

Handling Contested Estate And Elder Law Matters Since 1986

At the Rice & Quattrone, PC, we advise and represent individuals, families and estates, helping them protect their rights and interests in a variety of nonadversarial ways. Having handled hundreds of contested estate matters in and out of probate courts since 1986, we have the experience to address matters involving:

Family dispute resolution can require the help of experienced professionals. Our firm can help you explore viable alternatives to litigation.

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Attorneys with the firm are admitted to practice in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We serve residents of those states, as well as out-of-state executors and beneficiaries of wills and estates in New Jersey and Pennsylvania probate courts.

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