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The death of a loved one is always an emotional event. Despite the family’s exhaustion, in the days and weeks that follow someone will be given the overwhelming responsibility of serving as the executor for the estate — often an adult child or relative of the deceased who lives out of the area. The designated representative finds that administration of the estate involves not only identification of beneficiaries/heirs and property, but the management of assets, insurance, real estate and numerous tax filings, often involving the laws of several states and the federal government.

Probate and estate administration attorneys at the Rice & Quattrone, PC, our southern New Jersey elder law firm, assist executors and beneficiaries during this process. Whether you are from New Jersey, or live out of the area but are involved in a Pennsylvania or New Jersey probate court issue, we will be happy to serve as your representative. Contact our Ocean City probate law office to discuss your needs with a probate lawyer.

In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the probate process involves the identification of the decedent’s legal will and appointment of an executor/personal representative. Estate administration follows a sometimes lengthy and complicated process during which the executor is responsible for identifying beneficiaries and property, interpreting the terms of the will, administering trusts, disposing of real estate, filing numerous income and estate tax returns, and possibly more.

As attorney-in-fact (pursuant to a power of attorney), conservator, guardian, executor, administrator or trustee you, the fiduciary, are responsible for handling the affairs of another. Clients may prefer to handle some of the work themselves, relying on us primarily for advice. In other situations, our probate lawyers will prepare all court filings and returns for inheritance, income, gift and estate taxes during the course of the estate or trust administration.

When relationships or communications among beneficiaries and the executor are strained, our office will act as an intermediary, fielding calls from beneficiaries regarding their rights and reasonable expectations.

Our lawyers also represent the interests of beneficiaries of estates and trusts, and can assist in a case where someone dies intestate (without a properly executed will). In cases where a will or trust is contested, our trial attorneys have the experience and skill to aggressively protect the rightful heirs in negotiations and litigation.

For general information, visit our probate and estate administration information center and see articles on current topics at our E-news: probate and estate planning.

If you or someone you care about is facing probate or estate planning issues, an elder law attorney at our firm will take the time to get to know you before determining your needs. Contact our southern New Jersey elder law offices at either Cherry Hill or Linwood.