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Who should you choose as a guardian for your children?

On Behalf of | May 12, 2023 | Estate Planning |

When you have a child, you may start thinking of things you never thought of before, including what would happen if you died or became incapacitated. It becomes important to consider estate planning and guardianship designations

But, who can you pick among your loved ones to be your child’s guardian? How do you make the right choice? This guide discusses three characteristics of a reliable guardian.

Someone who has a bond with your kids

Your kids should live with someone they already have a bond with. It can be difficult for them to cope with a new life while trying to build a relationship with someone they are supposed to live with. It can be more manageable when they are already comfortable around the person in question and can tell them anything.

Someone who shares your values

The guardian you pick doesn’t need to share your opinions, but they should understand and share your values concerning parenting. Undeniably, you wish your kids to maintain the values you are working hard to instill in them even when you are not around. You can tell you share values with someone by looking at how they parent your kids when they visit or during sleepovers.

Someone willing to accept the responsibility

Your loved ones can be there for your kids, but this may not mean they are willing to take care of them daily. Thus, you should ask the people you are considering if they want to do so. Don’t be disappointed when someone turns down the offer. It’s crucial to respect their opinion, and this should not change your relationship going forward.

You need to choose the right guardian for your children. It will also be best to get legal help to make the decision legal.