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What traits should a home caregiver have?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2022 | Estate Planning |

You’ve always been actively involved in looking after your elderly relatives. Even though your parents have reached an age now where they need a little more assistance, they’re adamant that they don’t want to enter a nursing home. They’d rather have some assistance at home.

As a family, you’ve decided that employing a home caregiver is for the best. What type of person makes a good caregiver?

Someone dependable

Your loved one may need help in the morning to get ready or in the evening before going to bed. Without a little assistance, their day is going to be much more arduous. A home caregiver should turn up when they say they will and help your elderly relative keep up with their regular routine. Without this routine, a person can start to become depressed and have a much lower quality of life.

Of course, life can throw up unexpected events, and the caregiver may need some time off. Being able to communicate this effectively and put contingency plans in place will save your family member a lot of stress.

The right temperament

Being a caregiver is far from easy, and those who enter the profession often do it out of passion rather than the desire to make lots of money. Often, through no fault of their own, elderly individuals can have mood swings and may take it out on the caregiver. In these circumstances, it’s important that a person can exercise patience and empathy.

What could go wrong?

Elderly individuals tend to be very trusting, which can make them susceptible to manipulation and abuse. One thing you may want to look out for is whether your family member has made drastic changes to their estate plan that favor the caregiver while leaving out close family members. If you believe that your loved one is making changes to their estate plan because of undue influence or without full understanding of the consequences, it’s wise to seek legal guidance.