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What to do when your parents refuse to acknowledge they can no longer live alone?

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2021 | Uncategorized |

It has likely been building for some time, that gnawing realization that it is no longer safe for your elderly parent(s) to live alone on their own. Maybe you’ve put off that uncomfortable conversation for way too long — or are still reeling emotionally from your last attempt to convince them to change their living situation.

But the reality is that your mom and/or dad is in danger by continuing to remain alone in their family home. How can you convince them senior care is the best option for their future?

Use any crisis as a catalyst

You certainly don’t hope they suffer any injuries, but even a minor fall where they cannot get up on their own volition can be used to illustrate their need for more supervision and assistance.

Ditto for a missed utility payment that results in a suspension of services or some other financial mishap. If your parents have been diagnosed with dementia (or you notice cognitive changes), it is important to understand that they may have been compensating for worsening mental deficiencies for quite some time before others noticed.

Investigate all legal options available to you

The best-case scenario is that you are able to convince your parent(s) that they can no longer live safely on their own. But be prepared to use the legal means available to you to seek guardianship for your mom or dad.

Addressing your concerns about your parents’ safety with a New Jersey elder law attorney can clarify your guardianship options and assure that your parents’ rights are protected throughout the process — and beyond.