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Aging in place could be a viable option for elderly relatives

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2021 | Estate Administration |

Most senior citizens dread the thought of moving into a long-term care facility or nursing home. But they and their loved ones might worry that they are no longer safe living alone at home. What can be done to resolve the situation?

For many senior citizens, aging in place is the desired solution. But to do this safely, accommodations must typically be made.

Why aging in place is so popular

Senior citizens often choose this option because they are able to retain the last vestiges of their independence, albeit with some safety compromises. Arranging for home care for elderly relatives is a good way to ensure they are not at risk of a fall and will have their meals prepared and homes tidied.

This is a good choice to make when people hope to stay in their own homes safely. Local Councils on Aging can often perform home safety assessments and offer suggestions for making accommodations for seniors to age in place in their homes. Those accommodations might include:

  • Living on the ground floor of a multi-story home
  • Widening doorways to allow wheelchair access
  • Modifying bathrooms with walk-in showers with grab bars there and by the toilet
  • Tossing out area rugs that pose slip hazards
  • Installing a ramp and handrails leading to the front door
  • Resources may be available for some modifications

Depending on the senior citizen’s countable resources, they may qualify for assistance with paying for some of the modifications they need. The local Council on Aging is a good resource for information about home modification grants and other services.

Get the financial house in order as well

Making sure that seniors have the resources to cover the costs of the care they need to age in place is just as important as making the physical adjustments. Setting up an appointment with a Cherry Hill estate planning attorney for your elderly parents or grandparents can relieve their minds and get them on the right track.