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Tips for letting your family know about your estate plan

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2019 | Estate Planning |

Creating your estate plan is only part of what you need to do to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of when you pass away. Once you have the plan in order, you need to talk to your family members to let them know what your estate plan says. This gives them a chance to get clarification of anything they aren’t sure about.

When you discuss this with them, you must do so in a factual manner. If things aren’t set how they feel they should be, there is a chance that someone will get upset. Being prepared to handle this can be beneficial so that you know how you will reply. It might also help to bring a list of topics, including your medical care wishes, that you want to discuss with them.

For the most part, telling your family will probably be an emotional event since you are discussing the end of your life. Try to reinforce the fact that you just want them to be prepared when the time comes. If you have a letter of intent, you can go over this with them.

You can also let them know where they can find your important documents. Think about things like your life insurance policy and any important health documents. The more information your heirs have readily available after your passing, the more time they can spend handling other tasks.

Even though you’ve already talked to them about what’s contained in your estate plan, you will need to review your plan periodically to ensure that it reflects your current wishes.