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Make plans for your funeral but don’t put them in your will

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2019 | Estate Planning |

Many decisions have to be made when you are going through the estate planning process. One aspect of this might not be one that is commonly considered when you are creating your will and setting up trusts. This is the funeral planning part of the process. You might not really want to consider this but having everything spelled out clearly can help your family members considerably.

When you think of your funeral, what specific things do you want or don’t want? You can spell these out in a funeral plan so that your loved ones know. Think of things like whether you want a multi-day viewing or just one day. Decide on whether you want a burial or to be cremated. The more planning you have, the fewer decisions will be left for your loved ones when you pass away.

Make sure that you leave your funeral plans in a location that isn’t in the will. The issue here is that your will might not be read until after the funeral. This makes it impossible for anyone to know your wishes for the funeral before the funeral. It is a good idea to give a copy of your funeral plan to the person who is named as the executor of the estate, as well as providing copies to your immediate family members.

Remember that this is only one aspect of the estate plan for you to think about. You have to ensure that your family members have a comprehensive plan to follow when you pass away. This enables them to grieve without having the stress of trying to figure out what you would want.