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Set your power of attorney for your finances

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2019 | Estate Planning |

People who have considerable assets need to think about a plan for what they are going to do if they aren’t able to make decisions by themselves. One of the options that you have is to establish a power of attorney designation. This sets up a way for your financial affairs to be handled while you can’t make those choices. You just have to make sure that you handle this arrangement in the best manner that meets your needs. We can work with you to make that happen.

You have to be sure that you do this in an appropriate manner. Your power of attorney needs to be set up so that you are able to regain control again if you recover from your incapacitation. This is important since you don’t want to have to continue living under someone else’s rule once you can make your own decisions again. We can help you ensure that you are protected.

When you are choosing the person to name as your power of attorney for your finances, make sure you pick someone who is responsible. They need to understand your financial strategies so that they can make decisions in your stead. Even if you don’t recover from the incapacitation, your heirs could be impacted by the decisions that your power of attorney makes.

We know that you may have some questions about this. We are here to help you work through the matter so that you can rest assured that your finances are cared for in the best way possible when you aren’t able to make choices yourself.