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Estate planning is very important if you have children

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2017 | Estate Planning |

As a parent, you want your children to have a good life that is filled with stability and opportunity. You are probably doing your best to ensure that this happens. But, have you taken the time to think about what will happen to your children if something happens to you and your child’s other parent? This is a scary question for many parents.

You might have ideas about what you want to happen to your children if you aren’t around any longer. Having this idea and putting it into action are two very different things. If you pass away and you don’t have things in order for your children, they might end up in foster care until the court can sort out what is going to happen to them.

One thing that you can do is set up a guardianship in your estate plan that will dictate what happens to your children when you die. You need to do this for each child you have, and the plans can be different if you find that they can’t all stay together.

We can help you ensure that you have everything in order to ensure that your children are cared for if something does happen to you. This isn’t something that is pleasant for a parent to think about it, but it is a necessary topic that you must discuss.

As you make your estate plan with guardianship, make sure that you speak to the people who you want to care for the children. They need to be prepared for the undertaking if the need ever arises.