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April 2014 Archives

How to address online accounts in an estate plan

Nearly everyone in New Jersey -- and nationwide -- has at least some sort of online account. This includes everything from email accounts to bank accounts, and everything in between. The fact that so many people conduct at least some of their personal or business lives online has led to the need for them to be addressed in an individual's estate plan.

Many New Jersey residents still don't have an estate plan

Everyone in New Jersey has heard at one time or another that they should have at least a will. Without an estate plan, the state will decide who inherits an individual's assets after they die and even who will be given custody of any children. Even so, a large percentage of Americans do not seem to be in any hurry to prepare for incapacitation or death.

Whitney Houston may have intended to adjust her assets to heirs

One of the biggest dilemmas for any parent leaving money or assets to their children is whether they will be responsible enough to handle their inheritance. There is no way to be sure that heirs will take care of their inheritance in the manner in which a New Jersey resident would like. As children grow, parents may be better able to determine how responsible an heir will be. If any doubts exist, estate planning documents can be changed or updated to keep an heir from squandering his or her inheritance.

Using life insurance to provide for charitable beneficiaries

Many New Jersey residents want to incorporate charitable donations in their estate plans. The question may be how to do so without taking away from the inheritances of other heirs. Life insurance is one estate planning tool that may provide maximum benefit to a beneficiary that is a charity while preserving other assets for other heirs and beneficiaries.

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