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Can a New Jersey inheritance include iTunes and eBooks?

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2012 | Inheritances |

Facebook, for instance, will not allow anyone access to a Facebook page unless they created it. They have specific guidelines for those who wish to create a memorial page for someone who has passed away. On the other hand, Apple acknowledges that the company does not currently have a plan in place to provide for the inheritance of music downloaded onto iTunes. Some observers say eBooks and downloaded music are simply long term rentals that are not transferable through estate planning.

Much of the debate over the potential for inheritance of digital assets remains garbled. The simple truth is that we accumulate assets in a different manner than previous generations. As technology continues to advance, the law concerning the issues that arise will continue to evolve. Those interested in passing on items they have accumulated over the years would do well to gain an understanding of the issues as they relate to their rights and responsibilities under New Jersey and federal laws.

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