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September 2013 Archives

Probate dispute may determine if blood is thicker than water

There is nearly $300 million at stake, an incredible fortune by any standards. Put in the simplest of terms, the probate dispute filed by family members of the deceased is aiming to determine whether the old adage that "blood is thicker than water" is true. Now it will may be up to a court to decide a dispute that could cost one side millions of dollars.

New Jersey estate planning: transferring assets without a will

There are ways to transfer property other than through a last will and testament. Many people strive to avoid having their assets go through probate through the use of estate planning. A will is only the beginning of estate planning. So much more can be done to safeguard and transfer a New Jersey resident's assets.

New Jersey beneficiaries: Designation is not controlled by will

Designating a beneficiary on a retirement account or insurance policy is not something that can be changed by any other estate planning document. Those beneficiaries will receive the proceeds from the account or policy regardless of what a person's will may say. People in New Jersey may benefit from remembering this any time they choose to change their will or other estate planning documents.

New Jersey estate planning prepares for your family's future

There are many ways to prepare for the future. One of the best methods is to have a will professionally drafted. A will may just look like a piece of paper, but in the right hands, it can change the lives of loved ones in New Jersey when properly executed. Estate planning can minimize disputes over the distribution of all aspects of wealth and property that are left behind after someone passes away.